July 10, 2008

RamblinWorker + Treatzone = LittleZero @ Echo Curio

San Francisco-based artist Steve MacDonald creates embroidered paintings on gilded canvases. His work draws inspiration from an eclectic array of sources including Japanese nature scenes, folk art, fantasy, mythology and elements from the urban experience. Taken together, his compositions provoke a variety of spontaneous references through the depiction of fantastical landscapes. A variety of images including tigers, rainbows, cityscapes, skulls and shipping containers act out elaborate stories against the backdrop of a traditional Japanese print form.

Matthew Davis is an artist and web-designer currently living in San Francisco. In 2002 he founded Treatzone.com, and this year he and his wife Sandy launched a full line of paper goods and art prints under the same name. Their collaborative work is inspired by vintage materials and imagery, and they strive to use repurposed and recycled materials whenever possible. Matthew's recent solo projects highlight his skills as an illustrator, and include everything from a series of narrative cat drawings called Cat Tales, to fanciful creature alphabets and whimsical landscapes full of talking pyramids.

MacDonald and Davis met while students at the Kansas City Art Institute and both made their way to the Bay Area independently. There they renewed their friendship and started collaborating on various projects, including t-shirt designs for Modest Mouse, Puma, and DC Shoes, as well as a float for the 2006 Deitch Parade. When friend and fellow KCAI alum Tim Clinton recommended they go into business for themselves, Little Zero was born. We are happy to be featuring both artists' unique work as well as selling their brand new t-shirt line along with this show.

Both artists will be joining us from San Francisco. Please join us opening night, Saturday August 9th 8-Midnight!

Echo Curio
Saturday August 9th 8-Midnight!
Echo Curio 1519 Sunset Echo Park, CA 90026

RamblinWorker + Treatzone = LittleZero @ Echo Curio

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