July 20, 2007

Not Your Grandpa's Embroidery

Modern men enjoy a craft that wasn't always thought of as "women's work."

Craftzine Volume 04:
Coming soon! On newsstands August 7!

July 16, 2007

MASH-SF / Honeyee Blog

Mike put up some of my new bags on the Honeyee Blog.

MASH-SF / Honeyee Blog>>>

July 15, 2007

Bicycle Film Festival, Joy Ride Paris 2007



Une exposition inspirée par l'émergence du v élo en milieu urbain.
Présentée par Brendt Barbur
en association avec colette

Vernissage | JEUDI 26 JUILLET | 18h00-20h00

colette 213 rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris

Swoon  |  
Phil Frost  |  

Michel Gondry  |  
Steve MacDonald  |  
DAZE  |  
Peter Sutherland  |  

Julia Chiang  |  
Ryuta Nakajima  |  
Lauren Silberman  |  
Kareem Black  |  

Fast Eddie Williams  |  
Cheryl Dunn  |  
Takuya Sakamoto  |  
Madsaki  |  
Ko Masuda  |  

Erin Nicole Brown  |  
Taliah Lempert  |  
Amy Bolger  |  
Tod Seelie  |  
Daniel Leeb  |  

Conrad Carlson  |  
Erik Foss  |  
Yohei Hanazawa
Jason Chaste  |  

Wolfgang Paperchase
Andrew McClintock  |  
Ginny Hwang  |  
MAKWA  |  

Pai  |  
Nik Ramage

July 14, 2007

THREAD, Art Show @ Johansson Projects

Johansson Projects Presents Thread, an Art Show Exploring Raw Materials
and Loomed Refinements From Talking Textiles to 500 Magnified Thread
Spools Suspended from the Ceiling.

Featuring Works by:

Kathryn Spence

Tucker Schwarz

Christy Matson

Steve MacDonald

Devorah Sperber

Katie Lewis

Alex Case

Lia Cook

Opens Thurs, July 19th, 6 to 9, with an Encore for Art Murmur on August 3rd, 5 to 9.

Johansson Projects announces Thread, a survey of sewn, stitched and
woven works whose common thread is the media, not the medium. By
re-exploring the functional avenues of textiles and materials, these
eight artists begin to converse in a neo-craft dialect which diverges
greatly from its domestic and industrial traditions. Pins are
re-invented as figurative joinery, refuse amassed to render owls,
interactive fabric measures changes in electro-magnetic frequencies,
making the outcome from these dexterous hands undeniably rare.

The show draws from the prolific work of eight local and
internationally shown artists. Celebrated New York artist and lecturer,
Devorah Sperber is coming straight from a solo show at the Brooklyn
Museum to the corner of 23rd and Telegraph. She navigates the terrain
between low and high tech, sculpting with hundreds of thread spools to
compose what at first appears to be a colorful abstraction of the raw
material, but when viewed through an acrylic globe is suddenly a
perfectly rendered image, condensed and rotated. Katie Lewis elegantly
documents her physical sensations by pinning tightly gathered then
sprawling red pigmented webs of thread across the gallery walls.
University of California Berkeley alumni Steve MacDonald, just back
from Deitch Art Parade, constructs urban and natural scapes from his
old singer sewing machine on painted gold canvas with crimson thread
embroidery, while Alex Case’s plummeting industrial stitched creations
produce and unproduce themselves. Kathryn Spence, courtesy of Stephen
Wirtz Gallery, is collected by multiple museums including the de Young,
Oakland Museum, and SFMOMA, amasses scrap fabrics from clothing and
disassembled stuffed animals to delicately re-render the distinctive
features of an owl species. Tucker Schwarz, courtesy of Gregory Lind
Gallery, whose work appears in By Hand: The use of craft in
contemporary art, sews evaporative drawings with threads dangling from
her canvas to match her dreamlike recollection of middle class

Two artists work from the loom. Lia Cook, collected by the Cleveland
Museum, de Young, The Met, and NYMOMA and her former student, Christy
Matson, who currently lectures at The School of the Art Institute of
Chicago, both utilize Jacquard weaving looms though their kinship
divides from there: Matson’s interactive woven audio cloth relays the
constant human flux of the very space Cook’s pointillist portraiture
hopes to hold in a single woven moment.

Johansson Projects is an art gallery located on 2300 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA (510) 444-9140

Exhibition runs July 19th-Aug 25th.

Open: Thurs-Sun 12-6 and by appointment.


July 5, 2007

THREAD, Art Show @ Mollusk Surf Shop Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Join us for the opening of Mollusk Surf Shop NYC with the premiere of “Thread”, a film by Patrick Trefz, and “Shipworm and Gribble”, a group show of aquatic minded artists from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Artists include: Joe Curren, Andy Davis, Steve MacDonald, Art Brewer and many more. Party starts at 8:30pm on the corner of Metropolitan Avenue and River Street, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.