March 14, 2011

Fog & Laser #1 @ Rickshaw Stop SF!

Fog & Laser!

DJs EmDee & RamblinWorker host an anything-goes, genre-free dance party extravaganza powered by fog machines and lasers turned up to 2011. Drink specials, laser portraits and more to be announced!

Sat, April 23, 2011
9:00 pm
Rickshaw Stop
San Francisco, CA

 Link to, Fog & Laser Facebook page

Venue Information:
Rickshaw Stop
San Francisco, CA
155 Fell St

Fog & Laser, Deep In The Dark Mix
Link To Mix,

March 6, 2011

NT Keys for a Behringer keyboard controller

General Information

When I came up with the NT MIDI keyboard controller it was simply a case of my necessity becoming the mother of an invention. It wasn't until I showed it to others that I was encouraged to go public with it. After applying for a utility patent (which covers the key layout and NT music scoring) I began to realize what an impossible task making a marketable product was for someone already working 40 hours a week. I still don't have the capitol or connections to go into manufacturing MIDI keyboard controllers but; I now have molds for producing high pressure injected ABS plastic NT keys that are suitable for retrofitting any of Behringer's latest MIDI keyboard controllers. With little modification my new NT keys will fit any Behringer UMX 61or UMX 610 61-key MIDI keyboard controller.

So people not suffering from ineptitude aren't punished I'm initially selling the NT keys in 34 key sets so people  with a UMX 61 or UMX 610 can watch my "NT Key Installation Procedure" video (or just read the pdf) and install their own NT keys. Those who find such tools as a screwdriver, needle nose pliers, and a hacksaw blade too difficult to use or obtain will simply have to wait and see if this concept ever goes main stream. Seriously if retrofitting your UMX 61 or UMX 610 looks too difficult for you then show my video to the teenagers next door and get them to do it for you. Anyone who knows how to use a Phillips head screwdriver, a pair of needle nose pliers, and a hacksaw blade should be able to get the job done in less than an hour.

Since two OEM white keys and all 25 OEM black keys are used in the new NT configuration, 29 white NT keys and five additional black keys are required to make up a full set of NT keys. A UMX 61 or UMX 610 outfitted with NT keys will have 30 black keys and 31 white keys for a total of 61.To make the NT keys even affordable (to me) a simpler than OEM mold had to be devised which unfortunately leaves no provision for adding weights to the black keys I had made. I provide the black keys only because it is cheaper than robbing them from another board. When installing them I recommend placing one in each octave to use as a reference. The weights in the white OEM keys can be removed and glued into the new NT keys but; so far I've found no way to remove the weights without destroying the white OEM keys in the process and I personally don't think it's worth the effort.

To date 2/27/11 I have paid for the tooling and have had the molds for the new NT keys produced but; now (after paying my patent attorney) I don't have enough capitol left to purchase a large enough bulk of keys to get a price break. I need to sell a min. of 70 sets @ $100.00 ea. (plus postage) before I can order a large enough bulk to make them that affordable. That being the case I'm presently taking e-mails to find out how many people would like a set before I install Paypal. I'll make the first order as soon as I get enough commitments but; there's a 10-business day turn around before I can get them and ship them. Let's see what happens.

The Behringer UMX 61 comes in 2 colors silver & red

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