April 9, 2007

Cloud Transformer Animation

The art of Jesse Small

The Swipple Has Landed! at Max Fish

works by affiliates of the Swipple artist collective

Swipple is a collaborative network of artists who exhibit artwork online through the Swipple.com website. The primary motivation behind the Swipple project is simple: to provide a forum and exhibit space for high-quality artwork, in a setting that is broad enough in scope to reflect a wide range of artists and practices, and yet is limited enough to retain a sense of intimacy and cohesion among the artists. Swipple is committed to uncovering and presenting artwork from the vast pool of little known artists plugging away at the periphery of the art-world proper, but exhibits the artwork of emerging and mid-career artists as well. The aesthetic direction is dictated largely by chance, and of course nepotism, and while in that way it parallels the art world, we hope that it does so in its own unique and interesting way. Visitors to the website are not required to have any background in the arts, and are welcome to make their own decisions about what they like. We suggest only that artists be taken as much as possible on their own terms.

Andrea Aimi, Brion Nuda Rosch, Canton Belanger,
Gregg Woolard, Hank Swipple, Jake Klotz, Jason Wright, Jeff Cashvan,
Jim Damron, Jocko Weyland, John Drury, John Hoder, Joseph Nechvatal,
Justin Pollmann, Ky Anderson, Matt Crane, Ned Gedney, Rob Kolomyski,
Steve MacDonald, Tim Clinton, Zach Erickson and more.

3nd Annual Swipple art show
May 2nd - June 2nd

Max Fish
178 Ludlow St.

Opening reception Wednesday, May 2nd, 6pm

April 5, 2007

Razor Apple

Steve MacDonald is the Ramblin Worker

NEW,Interview up on Razor Apple