November 26, 2009

Swipple Artists Land on the Left Coast

Swipple Artists Land on the Left Coast

Ever Gold Gallery
441 O'Farrell St. San Francisco, CA
Opening Reception: Thursday, Dec. 10th 6-10pm

Through December

The Swipple artists’ collaborative takes the show on the road to San Francisco at Ever Gold Gallery. For the month of December, works by twenty-one artists representing a colorful cross-section of humanity will exhibit unique and touching works of rare aesthetic dexterity.

Swipple: Ever Gold 2009 features a diverse group of artists ranging from young to old, free to incarcerated, traditionally educated to those pursuing an artistic evolution entirely on their own terms. All however share a unique commitment to their craft and particular vision. The common thread that gathers these artists is not so much one of form but one of sensibility, an ephemeral yet stubborn insistence that the work needs to be taken on its own terms, rather than in contexts foreign to its source.

Swipple is a collaborative network of artists who exhibit artwork online through the website, an “island of lost toys” for artists, a flickering beacon located somewhere in the distant outskirts of the art-world proper. Swipple presents a diverse and idiosyncratic spectrum of artists both online and in roaming exhibits across the country. Founded in 2003 by experimentalist Hank Swipple, Swipple has consistently impressed folks of varied backgrounds by featuring artists whose work is insistent and self-assured, and resistant to easy categorization. All are unique individuals marching to their own internal logic, each wandering along at their own pace upon paths of aesthetic enlightenment, elaborating enduring and authentic personal visions.

Swipple: Ever Gold 2009 follows in this proud tradition, and for anyone looking for something that is both different and worthwhile, this show will not disappoint.

Swipple: Ever Gold 2009 Artists:
Andrea Aimi, Ky Anderson, Canton Belanger, Tim Clinton, Matt Crane, Jim Damron, Frankie Davis, John Drury, Brigitte Engler, Ryan Groendyk, John Hoder, Meredith Heuer, Jake Klotz, Rob Kolomyski, Steve MacDonald, Justin Pollmann, Lucy Wright Rivers, Wynn Satterlee, Dave Skinner, Jerry Smith, Treatzone, Gregg Woolard, Jason Wright.

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November 2, 2009

Alphabet Skate Park Zine

Andrew McClintock helped me put together my first zine.
We made a LTD run of 100.
4in x 4in zine.
The cover is silk screened.
The inside was printed on thick paper with a color copier.

To buy,