November 26, 2006

'Gray Area Gallery Presents: "SUGAR SUGAR" Winter Installation!'

For There is something about December. Something about the crisp air and something about the warm feelings it conjures up. December becomes that heartbeat we feel while walking down a cold and windy street and makes us feel at home, even while so many are so far from it…

This December 8th the Gray Area Gallery welcomes you into our home to celebrate December and our interpretation on the nostalgia of winter. Curator Catherine Kaleel invites you to gather around the fire and witness the tales of her favorite San Francisco artists. An emphasis on textile and fiber art, embroidery, appliqué, and even stuffed animals will take the stage created by a myriad of urban contemporary mixed media artists. Decoupage, illustration, and installation also provide stark landscapes that mimic what the weather brings to our artists along with the warmth of their winter shelters and fuzzy sweaters.

Katja Ollendorff

A resident artist at Beholder Art she will show her handcrafted minimalist embroidery using mixed media and wires.



Acrylic painted on wood skateboard decks


Kylea Borges

Showing sugar whipped cocoon installations, mixed media and decoupage art.

Hannah Stouffer

Showing her latex paintings and hand illustrated modern designs with a classic feel.


Steven MacDonald

Just back from touring with the bike film fest in Japan,

Steven works with the medium of embroidery.


(Recently featured in Deitch Projects Art Parade 2006.)

Stephanie Choo

Showing her Circle Series made of silk thread, satin, and wax inside shadow boxes.

Check her work out at:

Scott Barry

Works in a wide variety of mediums and will feature a winter “shrine” installation.


Manuel "Gonzo" Gonzales

Shows his one of a kind stuffed animals of imaginary creatures with most sculptures including stereo speakers. He will also include 2-D textile paintings.


Visual Projection by Chris Golden

Taking a break from some of San Francisco’s hottest nightclubs, Golden will be projecting specific shapes and color onto a painted screen.

At 9pm Black William will be performing live with “sound you can

feel” as accompaniment to opening.

Performance by: Kid606

Djs: OonceOonce, PeePlay, and PickPocket will keep everyone moving.

As always the Gray Area studios will be open for viewing new work from the GAG Artists in Residence: Bradley Platz (, Michael Ryan (, Sarah Loomis, and Elizabeth Kleene.

Gray Area Gallery is a burgeoning urban contemporary art gallery and Artist in Residence program launched on November 4th, 2006 by the founders of the Hear Gallery LA. Each curator at GAG has license to completely transform the 2,000 square foot space each month, creating a entirely new experience for the urban art collector and aficionado to savor upon return. After a smash inaugural opening, Gray Area Gallery warmly invites you to their winter opening.

“Sugar Sugar”

Opening reception: December 8th, 2006

Art Reception 6PM –10PM

Music and After party 10PM – Late

21+ at 10pm

371 11th St. @ Harrison

2nd floor above Bowzer’s Pizzeria

San Francisco, CA 94103

Closing reception: January 14, 2007

November 18, 2006

Red Ink Studios "PEEP!" San Francisco

PEEP! a show for emerging bay area artists

One evening dedicated to taking a good peep at some of
the Bay Area's best up and coming
artists, bands, and Djs while supporting
Red Ink Studios and helping them in their mission
to get art back into the classrooms of San Francisco.

Jake Messing
Josh Hershmann
Aaron De La Cruz
Derek Weisberg
Jesse Parrotti
Aly Borst
Steve Macdonald
Sarah Spitler
Loren Purcell
Kevin Earl Taylor
Emily Wright
Hugh Leeman
Aliea Wallace
Michael Mellon
Kate Philips
Video By Maggie Simpson
Installation by Jasper Wong and
Samuel Rodriguez

Social Studies
Little Teeth
DJ Anansi
DJ Funksidious Rex

1035 Market Street 'tween 6th and 7th
with an entrance on Stevenson Street, San Francisco

Red Ink Studios

November 15, 2006

bicycle film festival 2006 Trip

Art Show 'JOY RIDE'



渋谷区猿楽町11-8 2F

TEL 03-5456-5600


12:00 open

19:00 close

<キュレーター> Ryuta Nakajima, MADSAKI, and Brendt Barbur


Taliah Lempert,  Peter Sutherland,  Swoon,  Julia Chiang,  Daniel Leeb,
  Michel Gondry,  Kareem Black,  Tod Seelie,  Steve Macdonald,
Fast Eddie Williams,  Ryuta Nakajima,  Massan,   Erik Zo,   Mike Martin,

Yohei,  Joseph Becker,  Shepard Fairey,  Silver Warner,  ESOW,

RYUHADOO,  KO,  MADSAKI, Hiroshi Fujiwara, and   KJ

bicycle film festival Tokyo