March 2, 2015

Jim Damron, Steve MacDonald, Jason Wright at The Max Fish

Jim Damron, Steve MacDonald, Jason Wright at The Max Fish
Jim Damron, lives in the Central Valley of California has three cats.
He loves bicycling and gardening.
Jason Wright, artist working in California, New York, and Michigan.
He's a Cancer, & loves music, hiking, and tacos!
Steve MacDonald, is a artist living in San Francisco.
He loves sewing, dogs and barbecuing.
If you are in New York this March, please take advantage of this great opportunity not only to see a fantastic and unique show, but to knock back some cocktails and relax in the ambiance of this storied venue, which has, over the years, featured a fantastic selection of artists from both aboveground, and below.
Opening Reception, Sunday March 8th, 7-10pm
The Max Fish
120 Orchard Street
NYC 10002

September 12, 2012

Skate Head T-Shirt

Skate Head T-Shirt

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September 4, 2012

KYUR8_19 Guest Editor: Steve MacDonald

KYUR8_19 Guest Editor: Steve MacDonald

Our September guest editor is not only one of the nicest guys we know, but he is also one of the most diverse artists and creative human being kinda dudes we know. Steve MacDonald aka Ramblin Worker creates his own fonts, uses a sewing machine as others might use a paint brush or spray can, draws, makes films, design tee-shirts, takes awesome photos and turns them into engaging pieces of magic. Dood also DJ’s when he feels the need. Pop culture, music, travel, skateboarding are his inspirations… Thank you Steve for breaking a leg (literally), to do this September issue of KYUR8 :)

June 3, 2012

SWEET CALL AND RESPONSE By Steve MacDonald and Dana F. Smith


By Steve MacDonald and Dana F. Smith

2012, San Francisco, California

edition of 25

Sweet Call and Response was developed with an emphasis on experimentation with the materials - digital printing on canvas, photo collage, machine sewn thread, and sewn collage.

Instinctively, messages are sent to attract a response. This book is a visual poem about communication through the interplay of universal symbols and photographic images.

The book is printed entirely on canvas specially coated for digital printing with pigmented inks. A variety of sewing techniques, such as patchwork and embroidery, are applied to the pages over the ink. Each page of the book is treated with meticulous stitching executed by hand using a home sewing machine. Pages are affected on both sides by the stitching. Inverse images create a visual echo woven into the design of the book, which propels the narrative ever forward.

Designed by Steve MacDonald and Dana F. Smith

Digital printing by Dana F. Smith

Sewing by Steve MacDonald

Hand bound by Juliayn Coleman with a hard case canvas cover.

Closed book measures 16.5" by 12.5"

42 pages and endpapers

signed by the artists and blindstamped

Photos of the book by Matthew Davis

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December 6, 2011

FREE! Fog & Laser Christmas Party

FREE! Fog & Laser Christmas Party Sunday Night Dec 11 Makeout Room San Francisco!