December 22, 2007

Is it a Fiber Show?

Is it a Fiber Show?
a group show..New West Coast Design
January 4-February 16,2008
January 4, 6-8 pm reception for the artists..
Bucheon is pleased to participate in the city wide celebration for the

100th anniversary of CCA and New West Coast Design...Our participation
will be focused on Fiber art but as a fine art gallery, we’re
interested in showing artists that push the material and are intent on
making challenging work..
The show opens Friday January 4, 2008 with a reception for the artists

from 6-8pm and runs through February 16,2008
Artists who sew, paint, and build with non traditional materials  yet
fit into the fiber world. Several artists will create installations
like  Seattle based Mandy Greer who presents elusive interior
narratives using every possible material, including feathers, felt,
cotton and others..San Francisco based artist Rebecca Szeto experiments

with rust and brillo pad and Martha Sue Phillips likes the corners of
space and explores inhabiting these forgotten regions.
Steve MacDonald has discovered sewing and with help of an old sewing
machine has created colorful landscapes, inventive narratives and has
participated in the famous Dietch Parade  in Manhattan with a giant
sewn tank.
There will be colorful and exciting work from west coast artists who
will celebrate New West Coast Design.
Artists invited so far include...
Steve MacDonald, Misako Inaoka, Rebecca Szeto
Mandy Greer, Robin Margerin   Martha Sue Harris
Benjamin Whalen Nanilee Robarge Karen Olsen- Dunn
David Gremard Romero Ray Materson

 Bucheon Gallery 389 Grove St.,San Francisco,CA. 94102


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